Our Sausages

These are not your average snags. While we love playing around with recipes a few things remain.

Firstly we don’t use preservatives. This means a reduced shelf life so simply freeze until you need them.

Secondly our sausages are gluten free. Most sausages have a filler to hold moisture when cooked so make sure you don’t overcook and lose all the moisture.

We use traditional hog casings. This allows the sausage to ‘breathe’ and the flavours of smoking or cooking can permeate the sausage.

We love playing with recipes. This round we are doing rosemary and mustard, and sundried tomato and feta. My mouth is watering as I write this! We’ve also added some carrot, celery and kale to add nutrients and a subtle flavour enhancement. Great for fussy kids or for a camping trip.

Got a request? Let us know if you have a flavour you love and we’ll see if we can make it!

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I'm Hayley Pattison, Farmer and Founder of Pattison Pastoral. I'm involved in every aspect of the business from livestock selection down to packing your beef box orders. When I'm not busy with my kids, farming or working on my business, you will find me in my garden or kitchen dreaming up recipes or cooking up a storm.

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